Guy Noel

Within a jammed, sarcastic, intimate and fiendish crowd, Akbaş's creatures heatedly profilerate in the  
middle of a huge festival of colours which sometimes arrives gliding through concerns. In addition to  
being extremely bearable to looking from afar, they are also awaiting to be examined closely. Akbaş  
always has surprising inventions. The colourful dog which has grabbed it's poor leg with it's horrific jaw  
pesters us. The witness of the crazed crowds, a creature-artist among it's creatures, systematically  
rambles between it's paintings; always there, physically and morally.

Akbaş's creations need to be resolved just like a measureless puzzle with a quadratic balance equation.  
The vibration of mankind, it's motion and it's funny aspects painted passionately by the painter are  
definitely worth discovering as a whole. In reality, these paintings are large remark - trial spaces of  
Akbaş's. childhood dreams and memories in which insidious packs of devils and angels fly side by side,  
They ignore each other or collide, but it's impossible for them to remain indifferent. This yellow, crazy  
colour that constitute the heart of his almost every painting adds a hidden richness of interpretation to  
Akbaş's works. It's such a huge pleasure to discover a painting which is beyond every law, line, method  
and trend, a little bit crazy, but contains a massive and striking imagination.